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ARES Frequency & Net Plan

A.  HF Net / The Tar Heel Net / ARES / 3.923 RX / 3.923 TX / Analog  Operation /     North Carolina HF ARES Net
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B.  Ch. 1 / HF Tactical Net / Piedmont 60 Meters Net / ARES / 5.330.50 RX  / 5.330.50 TX / Mixed Mode Operation / North Carolina 60 Meters ARES HF Net

C.  Primary VHF / UCARS & ARES Net / ARES / 145.390 RX W / 144.790 TX W / Tone 94.8 / Analog / Union County & Monroe VHF Repeater

D.  Secondary VHF / JAARS Repeater / ARES / 146.865 RX W / 147.465 TX W / Tone 94.8 / Mixed Mode / JAARS Repeater & EchoLink

E.  Secondary UHF / NC4UC UHF Repeater / ARES / 444.425 RX W /
449.425 TX W / Tone 94.8 / Analog / Union County & Monroe UHF Repeater

F.  HEARS Network / HEARS Net / ARES / 443.950 RX W / 448.950 TX W /
Tone 110.9 / Analog / Wingate UHF Repeater Union County

Weekly Net Schedule



Piedmont 60 Meters Net
Time:  8:00 PM (Daylight Savings Time)  7:00 PM (Regular Time Fall & Winter)
Frequency:  5.330.50 Ch. 1

Union County Amateur Radio Society logo

Time:  8:00 PM
Freq.  145.390 Mhz  Tone 94.8
UCARS Club Net

Union County ARES Logo TM


Union County ARES Training Net
Time:  8:00 PM
Freq.  145.390 Mhz  Tone 94.8
Need to check in 50% of the schedule net
to maintain membership status and to keep up
to date on training and information.

The Union County Rag Chew


The Union County Rag Chew Net
Time:  8:00 PM
Freq.  145.390 Mhz  Tone 94.8